I have decided this blog isn’t going to be all about having a baby with Down Syndrome.  I love Patrick with my whole heart, but I am more than just his mother.  I am the mother to four more boys and this entry will be about my oldest, Alex.  Alex’s name is actually David Alexander but he goes by Alex.  He wishes I would have not named him this way and reminds me so every year when school starts and he shows up to see that his new teacher has labeled his desk and locker with the name David.  Oh well.  I thought David Alexander flowed better.  Alex is a sweet kid who is just starting off his teenage years.  He is now 13 and his first love is football.  I am guessing this will be his first love until his first love actually comes along.  One of my favorite things about him right now is that he still likes to talk to me.  He likes to tell me everything that is going on with him and his friends.  He will actually read me the texts that people send him.  He opens up to me in a way that I know won’t last very long.  Alex is kind and sweet and looks our for his brothers all the time. Ben is so attached to Alex and seems lost when Alex is off at a sleepover.  He is responsible and kind and is always sticking up for other people.  He is that hero from the movie that puts the class bully in his place.  God knew what he was doing when he placed Patrick in our family with Alex as his oldest brother.  Kids would be stupid to mess with him.  David and I really worried about how our other boys would take to the news that our new baby had Down Syndrome. When we sat and told them Alex just looked at us and said, “Mom, don’t you know that people with Down Syndrome are the most charming people.”  We were floored.  He had been doing a research project on Down Syndrome well before PJ was born.  It’s amazing how everything comes together.  He sat there on our bed and informed us about everything he had learned.  I’ve said it before but God truly does not make mistakes!!!!


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