Down syndrome and Dueling Pianos

The other day we had a special treat, little Emily got to come over to play!!!!

PJ had so much fun sharing his toys with her and she loved his Elmo balloon.

Here are a few pics from our playdate!

My favorite pictures were those of Emily and PJ dueling it out on the keyboard.  I see a future at Howl at the Moon one day!!!


Prom Date

Shortly after PJ was born I took him with me to a special meeting in our school district that focuses on children who are struggling in school with one thing or another.  There were two mothers there who each had a child with Down Syndrome.  Their children were seniors in high school and had just gone to prom with one another.  One of the mothers told me that when her daughter was a baby she cried because she was so scared that no one would ask her beautiful daughter to prom.  It was something that I had never thought about until that moment.  Not getting a date to a dance can happen to any kid.  I should know, the boy I liked in high school took my sister to Homecoming!!!  But it’s heartbreaking to think that someone would laugh at or mock your child for even asking because of DS.  It makes me feel grateful that Patrick and Emily have each other.  They will always have someone to go to dance with at a middle school dance (and I’m sure PJ’s brothers will teach him all their cool moves.)   They will always have each other for prom.  They are going to grow up together and touch all of our lives in ways that we can’t even begin to realize yet.  God makes no mistakes.

Patrick and Emily

God works in mysterious ways.  Both myself and Kathleen believe that it is no coincidence that we both had babies born with Down Syndrome within two weeks of each other.  It is amazing to both of us that out of an enrollment of nine children in the afternoon preschool class, we were both pregnant at the same time, live in the same neighborhood, and had what I prefer to call “genetically enhanced” children.  About one week into our Children’s Hospital stay, Kathleen and her husband Dan came to visit us with little Emily.  They were at the hospital that day for Emily.  Patrick was born with “plumbing” problem whereas Emily was born with a hole in her heart.  This was the first time I had seen Kathleen since PJ was born.  There were a lot of tears.  Dan used to do wound care and looked at Patrick’s wound and offered to help after we got home.

We have had several play dates with Kathleen and her girls.  Patrick and Emily lie next to each other in the baby gym.  She will roll over and grab onto him and he usually just cries or stares at the fan.  🙂  These two little babies will be in each others lives for years to come.  When I see Patrick and Emily together I feel so blessed to have Emily’s family in our lives.  When you stand back and look at the whole picture, you can truly see the hand of God.

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