Therapy Tuesday

It seems like everyday Pj is getting closer and closer to walking.  We are now at the point where he will walk into the Y while holding onto just one of my hands!  I was watching him in his Y class today and he seems like such a big boy!  One of his favorite things to do is to stand at the table where the CD player is and dance to the music!!  One of the other moms told me today that her son is asking to have Pj over to their house for a playdate.  She asked if he would like any other children to come too and his response was “No, just Pj.”



The coordinator for the ECC program for our school district came to observe him today in class.  She needs to make sure he qualifies for the program when he turns three.  Federal law mandates that every school district offer a special education preschool class for children beginning at age 3.  There is no doubt in my mind that Pj will qualify – if for no other reason than speech!  After class, the coordinator and I had a long discussion about his upcoming IEP.  The district is required by law to fill out an IEP (Individual Education Plan) within  90 days of the initial referral.  Pj is allowed to begin this class on his third birthday this April.  (I can’t believe he is going to be 3!!!)  But I have decided to wait until the fall for him to begin.  I have many reasons for this, one of them being that there is a probability of the district moving the ECC program out of the school it is housed at and relocating it to another building in the fall.  I don’t want Pj to have to adjust to a new school, only to have to readjust three months later.  He is also doing really well in his two year old preschool at the Y.  So, we will be meeting with the school district to write the goals for his IEP, only to reconvene in the fall to rewrite his goals as I am positive those will change before September.  (Not a bad problem to have!)

On Tuesdays, Pj gets a double dose of therapy.  He sees his PT followed by his OT.  Today he just wasn’t in the mood for doing too much work.  She got a little bit of walking out of him on the treadmill and he enjoys walking toward the big red bolster to knock it down.  Other than that, he really just wanted to look at himself in the mirror or swing!  I guess I can’t expect him to be perfect all the time!!



But he is still pretty perfect in my eyes!



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