Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day this year has me reflecting upon all of the blessings I have in my life.  Sometimes I look at my life in total disbelief.  Am I really the mom to these five boys?  Is this handsome man walking in with a dozen red roses and a beautiful card really my husband?  It amazes me that God feels that I am deserving of all of these gifts.  My life gets so busy and hectic.  There are days that I forget to eat and I end up spending  the majority of my time driving kids around in my car.  But when I slow everything down and block out the background noise, I am overwhelmed with what I see.  Like sitting at Homestead’s JV Basketball game tonight and watching Alex take a charge and score tons of points!!  Or sitting at Noodles afterwards eating a very late dinner and I realize that Joey has his arm around Pj and they are just cuddling on the bench.  Or picking up Tommy from ski club tonight and really listening to him recount the evening.  Ben is off at his second ever sleep over tonight and now with the house quiet I just feel like something is missing 😦 

Valentine’s Day is about love.  There is so much love in this house!!  And I am so blessed!!


Here are some of my favorite pictures from last summer!!  They’re a great reminder of what’s to come – WARM weather!! 

spring summer 2013 240 spring summer 2013 253 spring summer 2013 258 spring summer 2013 262 spring summer 2013 268 spring summer 2013 272




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