Christmas 2014

Christmas season has always been my favorite time of your and this year was no exception.  Although, I do find that as my children get older the season gets much busier.  I felt as though I had NO time to do any shopping.  For the first time ever, I did the bulk of my xmas shopping online!!  Thank God for Amazon!!  We kicked off the Christmas festivities with the Lumen Christi Christmas Concert.  Tommy was chosen to play the role of Joseph.  It was a great event which really helped you stay focused on what Christmas is all about.



We then spent the next few days decorating Christmas cookies and making Reindeer food to put on the front lawn on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve is a magical night.  I find going to Christmas Eve  mass to be my favorite part of Christmas.  But this year we didn’t get to the church in time.  This year we had to sit in a room off to the side and watch mass on TV.  I was hugely disappointed.  In years past, we went to the children’s mass on Christmas Eve and then went home to a beef tenderloin dinner.  Not this year.  This year I pulled out my Spode Christmas Tree China and we ate bagel bites and pigs in a blanket.  (made my kids happy)

Christmas morning was  whirlwind!!!  It began like this:


And then the kids came downstairs!!!  I’d have to say it was a perfect Christmas morning.  Everyone was happy and no one was wishing they had gotten something different.  PJ got tons of presents.  His favorite seemed to be the basketball net (that is until we got to my parents house)



He was also pretty happy with the cars and fire truck that Santa brought him!




In the end though, he liked the cardboard boxes the toys came in better than anything.  The best picture of the morning was of Joey opening his treasured gift:


Even though we were alone for Christmas, I still made a turkey dinner.  (Actually, Dave likes to remind me that with five kids we are never alone!)  This was my beautiful Christmas dinner that NONE of my children wanted to eat.  Hence, why I made bagel bites the night before.


The day after Christmas I packed up the car and headed to Michigan for a Chrysler Christmas with Tommy, Joey, Ben and PJ.  Alex had a basketball tournament so Dave stayed back with him and joined us on Sunday.  It was Christmas morning all over again and this is where PJ received his all time favorite present.  My parents (whom we call Dae and Papa) bought him a mini grand piano!!!  PJ absolutely LOVES music.  This piano even comes with a microphone!!!  He thanked them at dinner that evening by letting them hear him say their names for the first time!!




PJ had lots of fun playing with cousins and swimming at the Embassy Suites!!






The Chrysler Family:  My parents, my brother, my two sisters and myself:


Merry Christmas to everyone reading this and Happy New Year!!  I hope you are staying warm!!



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  1. Nancy Foley
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 09:04:26

    Hi Lisa –

    As a friend of your parents, I write to tell you how much I enjoy your patrickandhisbrothers messages and pictures! You family is absolutely beautiful and your 5 children are certainly benefiting from your love and exceptional parenting as apparent in these pictures and others!! Many “favorites” in the above but, certainly, the last one with PJ’s magnificent smile is fantastic!! Wishing you and your entire family a beautiful 2014 !!



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