A good friend and neighbor of mine recently sent me a link to a blog about adaptive mobility.  The author had a post written about the painting titled “The Adoration of the Christ Child.” The painter was Jan Joest of Kalkar and it was painted in 1515.  The interesting thing about this painting is that it is believed that an angel and a shepherd have an extra chromosome!!!  I thought this was so cool!!  I have written in the past about my belief that children with Down syndrome are chosen and blessed by God.  Someone said to me recently that Down syndrome is rooted in the fall of man through original sin.  I couldn’t DISAGREE more!!!  I almost wonder if God has spared some people by giving them  this gift of an extra chromosome.  There is an innocence there that I think more closely mirrors man before eating the forbidden apple.

Anyways,  this could be debated by many people for hours upon hours.  The debate wouldn’t matter because I know how I feel and what I believe.  But I do love this picture.  I was so excited that I zoomed in to see which angel and which shepherd had Down syndrome.  What amazed me the most was that you can clearly see the faces of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.   But as I examined more it looked to me as though several of the angels were extra special!!!

down syndrome in art painting large


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  1. Tracy
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 12:35:31

    We always say we are living with a saint. We were blessed 5 years ago to give birth to a daughter with Down’s syndrome! The best gift ever!!


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