Fall is Here!!

We had a jammed packed fun weekend!!!  We kicked it off Thursday night by watching Alex play football for Homestead’s JV team. Then we decided to return to the field for the varsity game on Friday night.  Saturday was spent going to watch Tommy play football, then Ben play flag football, and then Joey play football.  After all of that football, it was nice to change things up a bit and watch baseball Saturday night!!!  Now, I know that my sports filled weekend might seem a little over the top for some people.  And I will admit that by the time football season is over, I am pretty footballed out!!  But for now, I can’t imagine spending a better day than watching my boys run, block and catch passes!!  PJ seems to love it too. ( I’m not sure if it’s the fact that he gets to stuff his face full of goldfish and popcorn during games.)  But I do know there are quite a few people who seem more fond of watching PJ than the actual game!!!  And when people get excited he starts to clap.  (Sometimes for the wrong team!)  When you say “touchdown” he will throw both of his arms up like the refs do!!

Saturday night, PJ was able to see his first Brewer’s game.  Our family was lucky enough to be invited by the good people at Foley and Lardner to watch the game from their company suite!!!  He loved standing and looking out at the field.  Usually, people would walk by and try to say something to him.  (There was one security guard who stood close by and every time he so much as looked at PJ , PJ would cry.)  I got to spent the night doing what I love most, hanging out with my family and my newest obsession, talking about Gigi’s Playhouse to anyone who will listen!!!

Sunday, was much more of a laid back day.  My sister Becky drove up from Chicago with her husband Tom and their son Sean.  We played in the backyard for a little while and then we took off to Cedarburg for the Wine and Harvest Festival.  PJ slept through the first part though!!!


We got some great pictures of PJ with his brothers and cousin Sean though after he woke up!!





We left Cedarburg and decided to stop at the apple orchard on the way  home!!!  PJ and Sean were both too tired to go apple picking though.  (That’s okay because PJ gets to come back on Thursday with his YMCA class!)  But they had fun playing together!



Happy Fall everyone!!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rena Kocab
    Sep 24, 2013 @ 15:50:05

    Sounds pretty great to me Lisa but way too tiring. What a grest family.


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