Gigi’s Playhouse/Milwaukee

Several months ago I saw one of my facebook friends had “liked” a page called “Gigi’s Playhouse.”  I looked at it and it was all about Down syndrome so I “liked” the page too.  Since then, I have seen several different posts from Gigi’s playhouse so one day I decided to really look into it.  What I learned blew me away.  Gigi’s Playhouse is a Down Syndrome Achievement Center.  Each playhouse offers playgroups and classes that are therapeutic in nature.  There are classes for every age group, all the way up to adulthood.  These centers are unique because you never age out it and they are completely free!  The more I read the more I wanted a playhouse here for PJ.  I talked to Dave and to Emily’s mom (Kathleen) and really prayed about it.  I remember telling God that if this was the direction He wanted me to take then to show me the path.  The night I said that prayer I went to a resource night in Cedarburg and met some really wonderful women who jumped right on board.  On June 3, Kathleen and I drove down to Chicago to see a Gigi’s Playhouse and meet with some people from their national headquarters.

It’s amazing to me how things are coming together.  It’s been six weeks.  Tonight we had our first official committee meeting.  The room was energized.  Everyone had awesome ideas and suggestions.  Kathleen and I have surrounded ourselves with people who really know how to get something of this magnitude done.  I can say that when I left tonight I knew in my heart that this would happen.  We still have tons to do.  We have to write a business plan, fundraise, and identify a location.  But tonight the work has begun!!!!

Check out the links so you can see what is coming to Milwaukee!!!


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