What a weekend!!!

PJ had a very busy weekend!!!  Grandma Dae and Grandpa were in town!!! We hadn’t seen them since Christmas so this was very special.  PJ was a bit shy at first but then warmed right up.

Saturday morning my mom and I took PJ to his “Perfect Class” at the YMCA.  We rolled the stroller into the room and he immediately began to clap.  He scooted around and explored while I set everything up.  But when the other children arrived he began to not only withdraw but cry.  He acted scared and over stimulated.  I had huge sheets of bulletin board paper taped to the floor and I poured drips of different color paint onto each sheet.  All of the moms stripped their children down to the diaper so they could body paint.  It was supposed to be a great sensory experience.  The other children there loved it!!!  PJ just screamed and screamed.  It was sensory overload for him.  So I cleaned him up (he screamed for that part too) and my mom and I just tried to find something that he would enjoy without crying.  No such luck.  He was sitting watching Emily go down the slide.  She was so stinking cute, she would climb up, turn her body around and go down on her tummy feet first.  When she got to the bottom she would squeal and clap in delight.  When she clapped for herself PJ would start crying.  We tried putting him on the little rocking boat while I sang “Row Row Row Your Boat”.  He was okay until any other child wanted to climb on with him (there is enough room for 4 children), then he would just cry again.  The only thing that seemed to make him stop crying was singing the time to go home song.  I left the class feeling very defeated and wondering if my child had a sensory processing disorder and if he would soon be considered somewhere on the autistic spectrum.  I know Autism is very common among children with Ds but the thought of yet another diagnosis makes me feel very defeated.  I came home and told David what I was worried about and he told me to forget it.  He said , “So what.  We know who PJ is and it doesn’t matter.”  In a way he is right.  But I was still going to worry.

Grandma and Grandpa took the whole family out to see a movie Saturday night.  We got there just as the movie was starting and had to sit in the front row.  The movie was loud with lots of action and bright lights.  But PJ didn’t cry.  I would have thought this would have put him into sensory overload but it didn’t at all.  He was entranced and clapped at all the right moments.  I went to bed feeling much better but still a little worried.  The next day we took the boys to the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum downtown.  It was during PJ’s nap time so I wasn’t sure how he would do.  The museum was extremely crowded and very loud.  There were children running everywhere.  And PJ loved it!!!  He wanted to explore everything.  And he wanted to walk.  So we held his hands and walked behind him throughout the entire museum.  His favorite was the light pond display in the toddler area.  He would scoot all over and watch the fish swim around him.  It was adorable.

Most of my fears have subsided but I will probably always worry a little bit.

IMG_1898 IMG_1903 IMG_1907 IMG_1909 IMG_1915


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