New Milestones!!!

Last week I took PJ with me to the dealership to get an oil change on my car.  They have a small room with toys for children to play in.  While we were sitting there he scooted over to the train table and tried to pull himself up.  This was a first.  I have never seen him even try to pull up; he just hasn’t had the motivation.  I went home and told David about this and he decided to pull our train table out of the storage room.  So, Monday night he put the table together in the living room.  PJ loved it.  He sat on my lap and would pull himself up to stand to play with or watch the trains.  He was pulling up from a sitting position which is easier but is still a pretty big deal for him.  After about a half an hour of him sitting and standing over and over, he got bored and scooted away.  Tommy them put a different toy on the train table that immediately got PJ’s attention.  He scooted right back over to the table, got on his knees and pulled himself up to stand!!!  Tommy and I began cheering and clapping and PJ just looked at us wondering what the fuss was all about.  I had just been talking to his physical therapist that morning about changing his goals.  They were still focusing on getting him to crawl.  I know that crawling is an important part of building upper body strength but I believe that even if he does get the movement down he will probably never use crawling as a way to move around as scooting is so much easier and natural for him.  (Did I mention that both myself and Tommy were scooters?)  I told her that I really wanted to shift the focus to pulling up to stand, cruising and walking.  I have visions of taking him to the park this summer and him being able to walk around and climb on the structures.  She agreed with me and after one day we saw results!!!]

On a different note, the class I began at the Y for PJ (The Perfect Class) started on Saturday.  PJ had never been in this room at the Y before.  We went in early so I could set everything up and he was exploring and babbling and laughing and really enjoying himself.  Then when the other two children arrived with their moms he totally withdrew.  He didn’t want to sing any of the songs and seemed to have a glassed over look.  It was like he was in sensory overload and he just retreated into his head.  I know he was tired but I”m not sure that fatigue was the cause.  Maybe it’s a sensory coping mechanism.  After the two little girls left he started mimicking the hand motions for “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and shaking the beanie baby for the Bean Bag song.  He did a similar thing the next day as well.  David and I decided to take the kids over to the Y to go swimming.  The pool was exceptionally loud and crowded.  His eyes seemed to glass over again and he just splashed with his hands over and over.  I was starting to wonder if the splashing was self stimulation or stimming.  He often does this when he has too much or not enough sensory input.  But when I held him and began playing “Motorboat Motorboat” he immediately focused and laughed and smiled.  It’s as though he retreats into his brain and you have to pull him out of it. With our other children we had to be sensitive about nap times.  With PJ we are going to have to be sensitive to his environment.

But he is still just as cute as ever and he brings our family so much joy!!!


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