We are Mobile!!!

Yes!!  We are mobile!!  PJ has learned to scoot.  Although his physical therapist would much prefer him to be crawling to strengthen his upper body muscles, we are all happy that he is just getting around and beginning to really explore his world.  His two favorites are scooting over to the answering machine and playing with the cord, and scooting over to the dishwasher and watching his reflection while he claps and sings.  David told Alex that babysitting is going to go to a whole different level now!!!

PJ had a follow up with a pediatric eye doctor after having “pediavision” done on his eyes back in Michigan.Our old pediatrician in Michigan used what looked like a view finder camera and it took a picture of the back of PJ’s eyes and gave us an instant diagnosis.  We were told that PJ had a slight astigmatism in his right eye.  Well, it took me a year to follow up.  After we got this diagnosis we came back to Wisconsin and went through two more surgeries.  To be quite honest, his eye sight seemed fine to me.  The doctor yesterday agreed.  She said he does have an astigmatism but that it doesn’t warrant glasses yet.  She also said that he is far sighted but will probably outgrow that.  When a baby is born with Down syndrome, the protocol is to have a routine eye exam done.  I never really understood the reason but she explained it to me yesterday.  Children with Ds have very low muscle tone and this even includes their eyes.  Although PJ could focus well, she needed to see if he could hold that focus or if his muscles weren’t strong enough yet.  Luckily for PJ he can hold his focus!!!

The other day  at pick up at school I began talking to a mom from Ben’s class.  I was really tired and complaining and basically having a pity party for myself.  She was really sweet about it and she said something that really made me think.  She said, “You know when you are looking at your child and you wish they could see themselves through your eyes so they see just how great they really are ?  I think that we need to try to see ourselves through God’s eyes.”  It was a pretty big moment for me.  I spent a long time thinking last night about what God sees when he looks at me.  What does he think and feel about the choices I make each day?  It’s a pretty amazing way to think.  I found that I should be much more forgiving of my shortcomings than I have been. God didn’t make any of us perfect.  But I believe that PJ is closer to perfection than most other people.


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  1. Kelly
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 17:08:20

    PJ thinks you are the perfect mom for him (and I bet Alex, Tommy, Joey and Ben all think you Are perfect for them too). God makes good matches!


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