Almost Mobile!!

Well, I realize it’s been almost a month since I posted any updates on PJ.  We’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had much time to sit down and write.  After having our own little family Christmas (as if a family of 7 is little) we loaded up the car and headed into Michigan to spend time with family and friends.  We had a wonderful time!!!  My brother and his family were in from Switzerland so we got to spend lots of time with Robby and Mason!! My sister and her family were in from Chicago and my other sister and her family were in from North Carolina.  We even got to see my nephew who just started at Northwestern this fall. It’s hard having family that live so far away.


PJ had so much fun playing with his cousins!!  We went to Bounce U which is one of those giant places full of moon bounces and the kids all played.  PJ really likes to bounce.





We also stayed at the Embassy Suites for a few nights.  Our friends came over and the kids had so much fun in the pool.  PJ also really loves the water.  I am thinking it’s time to look into some mommy and me swim classes at the Y.




One of the cutest pictures I took was this one of Joey and his friend John.  Joey has talked about and journaled about John for the past three years.  Moving here was a hard transition for all of us but Joey has always had a difficult time making friends so leaving his best friend was especially hard.  It’s great to see them when they are together because it’s as if no time has past.


When we got home we began our out- patient therapy.  PJ is now going to therapy four times a week.  They work him hard and he loves it!!  His favorite thing to do there is the swing.  I would have never thought that using a swing would be a form of therapy but it is.  While he sits in this swing, he has to maintain his balance which strengthens his core muscles.  They sing songs with him while he’s swinging and he has learned the hand motions to wheels on the bus and the Itsby Bitsy Spider.  I find it really cute when I put him on the floor and he starts trying to sing one of these songs.  You can’t tell from the words what the song is, but he’s got the hand motions down!!!  He also has about 15 signs now that he uses!!



Our big push now has been to get PJ mobile.  He isn’t crawling yet and babies need to be able to explore their environments.  But since we began going to therapy so frequently he has started doing this crawl, roll, scoot thing to get across the family room floor and he’s even made it all the way into the kitchen!!  He goes down on all fours, does a roll, then pushes up and pulls his knees under him.  Then he sits up and scoots.  It’s really cute and we’re excited that he is finally motivated to try to move.  Last night we had a fire in the fireplace and he worked really hard to make it across the floor to look at the fire.  We kept moving him back just to see him work himself across the room.  I kept telling him “hot” but he thought I was saying hat and he kept signing “hat.”  When he would get across to the fireplace hearth he would take Dave’s hand and pull himself up.  That was a first!!!


In March, PJ and I will be beginning a new class together at the Y.  I approached my boss and asked her if we could add a class to the program.  I explained to her that the Birth to Three program is very isolating and offers no chance for parents to meet, network and share resources and ideas.  It also doesn’t allow for any socialization for the babies.  So, beginning March 2, my YMCA will be offering the Perfect Class.  (We’re calling it the Perfect Class because our children are perfect!!!)  It’s a parent/child class for children 0 to 3 years old who have a developmental delay.  We will work on gross and fine motor skills, do some projects, learn some songs and some basic sign language.  But mostly, I see this class as something for the parents.  I can’t wait for it to begin and I’m very hopeful that it will take off and we can expand into other YMCA locations.

As a side note, it’s VERY cold here!!  It ws 7 below this morning and with the wind chill it was 25 below.   I ran into another mom at the grocery store today and I told her I was surprised that at 25 below none of the schools had been cancelled.  She informed me that they wait until the temp reaches 35 below.  (Yeah, that makes sense.  25 below is nothing.)  🙂


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  1. Elaine Novosel
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 08:48:58

    Hi Lisa,

    I just finished reading your blog. It’s so heart warming to see the love in your family. Thanks for the update and I miss all of you very much.

    All my love, Mom


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