Merry Christmas!!!

Blessings abound here at the Kocab house!!  We have had a magical Christmas.  It began last night when we went to Christmas Eve mass and watched our sweet Ben carry baby Jesus up to put in the manger.  Because he was chosen to do this the front pew was reserved for us so that we could see, which meant that when we got to church 45 minutes early and there wasn’t a seat to be found, we had seats!!!  We came home and had a nice dinner and then made preparations for Santa to come.




I was thinking today about how much Christmas has changed for our family over the years.  When we moved here three years ago ( I still can’t believe its been that long), the thought of not being with my family for Christmas was heartbreaking to me.  That first Christmas was very hard, so hard in fact that we got in the car on Christmas Day and headed back to Michigan.  Last year was easier.  I know that today my parents and all of my siblings and nephews are all together at my parent’s house.  I miss them but at the same time it’s been really nice to have some quiet, quality time with Dave and the boys.  When we left Michigan we had to leave many of the Christmas traditions we had built up over the years.  But we have started new traditions here and have ended up having a beautiful holiday together.

As the kids all opened up their presents from Santa this morning all Dave and I could hear were the sounds of really happy children.  Santa really rocked it this year – everyone got what was on their list and then some.  We’ve had Christmas mornings in the past where there were a few tears (Santa forgot about an icee maker one year.)  As the last present was being unwrapped I looked over at my husband and saw that he had tears in his eyes.  I was worried for a minute but when I asked him what was wrong he just smiled and said he was so happy.  Yet another blessing I have – a wonderful loving husband and father to share this life with.  I looked around the table tonight at my family.  They were telling silly jokes and complaining about having to eat turkey or green beans.  But all I saw was this wonderful gift God has given me.  We have been truly blessed.







Merry Christmas!!!


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