Fall 2012

Our lives have been so busy throughout this fall that I am finding it hard to even log onto my computer to write updates on PJ.  We had a two week hiatus between football season and basketball season and now we’re in the full swing of basketball.  PJ has gone from lifting his arms up high when we yell “touchdown” to flapping one arm when we say “dribble dribble shoot!”  He seems to love watching his brothers play as much as David and I do.

I’ve decided to make a few changes regarding PJ’s therapy.  Until now, he has been in the Birth to Three program.  This is a federally funded program which is home based.  This means that he has therapists come to our house every week to work with him and show me what we can do with him at home everyday.  But the more I have looked at other children with Down syndrome who are PJ’s same age, the more I realize just how far behind he is with gross motor skills.  PJ is now 19 months and is not crawling or walking or even pulling up to stand.  He desperately wants to move but hasn’t quite figured out how to coordinate his body to make that happen.  Because Birth to Three is home based, his therapists don’t really “work” him the way they would if he was going into the clinic.  So I have decided to opt out of the Birth to Three program and go right into the clinic for therapy.  He will get PT twice a week, OT once a week, and Speech every other week for now.  I am also thinking I will enroll him in a mommy and me swim class at the Y.  His therapist thinks that the sensory input would be beneficial and the weightless feeling may help with learning to crawl and stand.  We’re going to  jump through a lot of hoops to get him moving and then once he’s mobile I will wonder “why I did I do that?”

We hosted David’s family for Thanksgiving last weekend.  We had so much fun having everyone here that when they left I realized I didn’t take one picture!!!  So, everyone will have to settle for some other pics of my sweet baby boy.

PJ loves whipped cream!!!

PJ’s first pumpkin!!

My little Halloween Elmo!!!

therapy session

PJ loved the Johnson Controls sponsored Holiday Parade in downtown Milwaukee!!!

He loved the parade almost as much as he loved being on his daddy’s shoulders!!!

couldn’t quite make it to the end though – I guess we’ll have to see Santa at the mall!!!





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