Pumpkin Patch and Good News

On Thursday morning I went to meet with Joey’s teachers to have his annual IEP meeting.  An IEP is an individualized education plan that takes into consideration where he is at developmentally, what his disabilities are and what his strengths are.  I have been going to these meetings every year for Joey since he was 18 months old.  I have never left one without crying.  As a teacher I often sat on the other side of the table explaining to a parent what our most recent testing was showing and how their child was doing in school.   It is a very different experience when you are the parent and you are being told just how far behind your child is.  You learn how far the “gap” is from your child and where he should be.  You go in every year hoping to hear the gap is closing, or even just remaining the same.  But when the gap is widening you leave feeling defeated.

As I said before, I have left every IEP meeting for Joey in tears.  Until now.  This year I left with tears of complete joy.  After many, many years of remedial help and accommodations and modifications made to the curriculum, I sat down at the table Thursday morning and got very different news that what I had ever heard before.  I started to hear the words, “it clicked” and “he’s taken off” before I realized what they were saying.  The gap is finally beginning to close.  Joey is learning how to overcome his disabilities.  His special ed teacher talked about how Joey’s mind was like a wheel spinning around and around and he had trouble organizing this thoughts to get anything out.  But he is learning how to slow down and organize his thoughts.  His reading level has jumped and all of his teachers just kept telling me how incredibly smart Joey was and now that they have figured out how to help him show it he is finally closing that dreaded gap.

There have been so many special people who have worked with Joey over the years.  I think about the special teachers he had back at Northwood.  (Mrs. Campbell, Joey still talks about you!!)  I  am so indebted to his current teachers.  These special woman have bent over backwards to  help him and it’s finally paying off.  Knowing that there are such great teachers here working with Joey makes me feel even more confident about PJ’s future.

Other than that, we spent a great day last Sunday at the pumpkin patch!!!  So here are some great pics!!!


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  1. Susan Chrysler
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 07:38:52

    Such good news, Lisa! I always knew Joey was smart! Adorable pictures of our beautiful boys in the pumpkin patch…


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