A Letter to My Oldest Son


Tonight as we watched you graduate from Lumen Christi Catholic School, I listened to the priest say something to the parents about how it wasn’t that long ago that we were bringing you into church to baptize you into our faith.  I remember the day of your baptism.  It would have been your great grandmother’s 88 birthday!!  It still seems like just yesterday.  Father talked about the ups and downs of the road that brought you to graduation tonight.  You have definitely had your struggles over the years.  As I looked around at all of your classmates I felt a twinge of sadness for you.  We pulled you out of your school after first grade because we just didn’t feel it was a good fit for you.  You then spent 4 years at a public school only to be switched again in 6th grade.  You loved you new school but then we pulled you again and moved you to Wisconsin.  I know it’s been hard for you as so many of your friends have been together since preschool.  But you take it all in stride.  I think in some ways maybe all the school switching has helped shape you into the wonderful, confident young man you have become.

Over the past few years your dad and I have watched you grow into this strong student and an exceptional athlete.  You are a leader who is always looking out for other people.  I remember when you were in preschool you came home and I talked to you about a boy in your class and how he was having difficulties with another boy being mean to him.  You became best friends and stuck up to many a bully for him and for other kids.  Your ability to always look out for the underdog makes you a perfect big brother, especially to a little boy with Down syndrome.

I am so proud of you.  You have been such a blessing in our family.  When you are not here your brothers are lost and completely bored.  Thanks for being such a great kid and stay true to yourself  as you begin high school.







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  1. Mary Morian
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 11:54:51

    Lisa, I’ve just spent the good part of the morning reading your blog. First of all, P.J is beautiful! His smile could light up a room. Secondly, you have to be the best mom in the universe. Your unconditional love for ALL your boys is reflected in all your words and photographs. God has blessed you and David (who by the way seems extra-ordinary!) with 5 special gifts. May you always treasure each other the way you do now. I would love to keep in touch with you when you have time. All God’s blessings….Mary Morian, Holy Name


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