I always love it when this happens.  I was walking through the Piggly Wiggly grocery store with PJ yesterday when a woman walked up to me and asked me if he had Down syndrome.  I was a little taken aback because most people don’t let me know they can tell if they can tell.  But I said yes and then she asked me if he was my first child.  This is the part that makes me laugh.  I looked up and said, “Oh no, he is my youngest of five.”  “Five,” she says, eyes wide open.  “Yes, five.  Five boys that is.”  She looked absolutely shocked and then said, “Wow, you must have started early, you can’t be more than 29 or 30.” PJ gave her a great big smile, as did I and I let her know she made my day.

I got out to the car and sent David a text to tell him what just happened.  He responded that people thought I was his second wife.    I guess I’ll keep up with the Estee Lauder Daywear!!

Anyways, here are some great pics of my sweet little boy!!!

My little air Jordan baby.

Tomorrow morning PJ has physical therapy so I will try to take some pictures then!!!


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