David and I took the boys down to Boca Grande, Florida for spring break this year.  This island has many special memories for me.  I have been coming down here with my family since I was in fifth grade.  Usually, there is an entire row of condos on the beach taken up by my extended family members, but not this year.  Hopefully we can all arrange to be down here together again soon.  As soon as we got to the island we went to the golf cart rental place because David had rented a golf cart for  Alex to tool around in all week.  While waiting in line he saw a little boy with Down syndrome.  He spoke to the dad and found out the boys name was Tommy and he was 5.  David told him we have an almost one year old.  But Tommy’s dad wasn’t sure if our almost one year old had Ds or was just almost one.  Until we saw them on the beach and walked over with PJ.  Tommy’s family was great.  He has a twin sister who does not have Ds and an older brother.  They don’t live very far from us, just outside of Chicago. David and I walked away feeling very excited to see what PJ would be like at this age.  Tommy looked a lot like PJ, same coloring and similar features.  He was adorable and the fear of the future for our little boy was gone.  Turns out they are staying just 7 condos down from us.  Small world.

We had so much fun during this week.  I think the highlight for me was just to swim with PJ.  I have been wanting to take him into a pool for months now.  He loved it!!!

He would kick and splash around for two hours without crying.  The Easter bunny brought him a baby float and he would sit and lounge it in as happy as a clam!!  Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I don’t have a picture of him in the float, but I have a great one of PJ swimming with Alex!

He also loved the beach. Between playing in the sand and swimming he was on sensory overload and loving it!

All in all it was a great vacation!!  Here are some of my favorite pics of the week!


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