World Down Syndrome Day

So, today is officially being recognized as World Down Syndrome Day.  The date, 3-21 matches up with the three copies of the 21 chromosome that characterizes people with DS.  I was just talking to Kathleen (Emily’s mom) yesterday and we both decided that this was the year we were going to walk in the Buddy Walk with our families.  We sat in Kathleen’s living room and had one of the first really positive Down syndrome talks.  No more tears, no more sadness.  We both talked about the love we have for our babies, how having a baby with this extra chromosome opened us up to a type of love we wouldn’t have otherwise known.  I almost wish that every family could have a baby with Down Syndrome at some point, either as a son or daughter, a cousin, a grandchild.  PJ and Emily have opened so many hearts.

We’ve come a long way since last April when PJ was born.  We no longer have any problems in accepting his Down syndrome diagnosis.  Both David and I look at PJ and just see PJ.  We don’t see Down syndrome, it’s just a part of who he is.  PJ is a sweet and fun baby who loves his brothers, his blankie, his mom and his dad and Elmo too!!!  His face lights up when one of his brothers walks into the room.  He breaks out into a huge smile when he hears the Elmo’s World song.  He is no different than any of my other boys were at this age.

So, today on this World Down Syndrome Day we celebrate all people like PJ.  I pray for open hearts and minds so that my son may be accepted by everyone!!!  So, when you see little PJ decked out his his blue and yellow polo, it’s not for Michigan, or Marquette.  He is sporting the colors of the Down Syndrome Association!!!!  (and he looks pretty darn cute doing it!)


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