recovery, day 1

Well, the pain is definitely under control.  The Tylenol with Codeine did the trick.  He gets a dose every four hours.  It makes him very sleepy but that’s okay, as long as he is comfortable.  When he is awake he looks around and his eyes always land on his Elmo balloon.  He loves that balloon.  I think it’s his first balloon ever!!!

Earlier this morning I noticed his abdomen was covered in a red rash.  Our surgeon thinks it most likely was caused by the prep in the operating room but just in case it is an infection, his antibiotics have been upped.  One doctor came in this afternoon and told me that it was probably just a rash.  She said that the infections that happen within 24 hours of surgery are the big bad ones.  Way to make me feel better.  She said that usually it can take 72 hours for an infection to show up after a colostomy reversal.  Again, not feeling so great.  So, we are definitely not out of the woods.  I really need him to not get an infection this time.  He had such a hard beginning to his life and now he should just be able to get better and get out of here.

Last night was a difficult night because his oxygen levels kept dropping.  He has a nasal cannula in but he doesn’t like it and pulls at it to try to get it out.  It can come out of his nose pretty easily so his little alarm went off all night long.  His levels are dropping a lot today as well.  We are thinking it’s a mixture of just Pj being Pj, having a huge incision in his abdomen which makes it difficult to take deep breaths, and the codeine which is making his little muscles too tired to take a deep breath.

But we did have our first toot out of his butt hole today!!!!  Sounds crazy to most, but that it the first time it’s ever happened.  He coughed and then tooted and his eyes opened really wide and he looked at me like, “What was that?’

PJ got some great cuddling in today with my mom.  And we had a really nice surprise today.  A big balloon with angels came in pinned to a bag of candy.  It was from a family from Tommy’s football team.  They happened to be here with their daughter today and knew about PJ and sent it up.  Thank you!!!!!

Hopefully we have a better night tonight.  Keep praying everyone!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 18:35:56

    Thinking about you Kocab family!! Lots of love, hugs and prayers sent from MI.


  2. joey
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 22:35:27

    Beside you in thoughts and prayers, dear Lisa and family.


  3. Susan Chrysler
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 23:21:35

    How we adore this sweet little boy!


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