We are sitting here in the waiting room.  They took PJ back for his surgery a little while ago.  I was starting to think it might get cancelled again.  The nurse in the pre-op room felt that his lungs were sounding coarse.  He then gagged on the sedative they gave him and began coughing.  So the anesthesiologist had to listen to his lungs.  She also said he sounded coarse.  She decided to do the surgery but told us he was at a higher risk but she felt it wasn’t an unacceptable risk and if he were her son she would go ahead.  So they took him from us and off they went.

Yesterday was kind of a blur getting ready.  My parents arrived about 5 and the boys were all so excited to see them.  PJ got lots of “Dae” time (what my boys call my mom.)  Alex had a basketball game and Joey had a music concert so we split up to cover both events.  Dae cuddled little PJ all through the concert.   He especially loved to play with her scarf.

About 5 minutes before it ended, he conked out.  I still needed to give him a bath (one of the pre-op instructions) so I decided we would drive down the street to Alex’s basketball game.  The noise there would be sure to wake him.  No such luck.  He was out, right up until it was time to go home.

Bath time was fun tonight.  He absolutely loves the bath!!!

I put on a new colostomy bag afterwards and realized that this should be the last time I ever need to do that.  That’s a very liberating feeling.

So, here we are again.  I’m trying not to think of all of the different complications that could arise.  I know he is in good hands and I know there is a team of angels protecting him right now.  Yesterday afternoon while I was nursing him I was starting to get really anxious about this surgery.  I looked up and right there outside my window was this bright red cardinal.  My grandparents loved cardinals.  There have been many times that things were difficult for me (or for my mom) and a cardinal would appear.  It was if my grandpa was sending a message from heaven that everything would be okay.  That may sound kind of hokey to everyone, but it made me feel better.

I know I’ve been rambling quite a bit today, lots of emotions running through me.  I think I’ll go down to the gift shop and see if I can find an Elmo balloon.



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