Surgery is On!!

Well, I wasn’t sure if the surgery would happen or be cancelled again.  PJ had croup 3 weeks ago and hasn’t quite gotten back to normal.  He went from croup to a sinus infection.  He has been on an antibiotic for over ten days and is still really congested.  But after taking him to the pediatrician today, I found out his congestion is all nasal.  His lungs and airway are clear and surgery is a go.  I even called the surgeon to confirm this so short of him getting a fever it’s on.

I’ve been having quite a bit of anxiety over this.  I know his risk of infection is high and leaving my kids and home for an indefinite amount of time is a bit disconcerting.  I find that I am going into overdrive preparing for my absence.  I did grocery shopping and have been making meals so my mom doesn’t have to cook.  My mom keeps telling me that I don’t need to do that, she is more than capable of doing the cooking while I’m away, but this is one of the only things that is within my control and it helps my anxiety to do it.

Oh, by the way, today at the doctor’s office when the nurse leaned over him and said “bye bye” he looked up at her, raised his arm and said “ba ba”.  Sounded like he was saying bye bye to me.  Then after he woke up from his nap he signed “da da” over and over.  Smart boy!!!!!


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  1. joey
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 00:46:55

    Please know huge hugs and prayers surround all. Love to all …


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