surgery cancelled

Well, we have everything prepared for the long haul this time.  My parents are here to take care of the boys. My friend Holly had meals set up to be delivered to our home.  I had a sub for my class at the Y.  We bundled up little PJ and braved the snow storm to drive down to Children’s Hospital today.  The nurse asked about any colds recently so I told her that he was diagnosed with RSV on December 28 but it was cleared up.  She listened to him and said his lungs sounded clear but she would let the anesthesiologist know.  A few minutes later the anesthesiologist walked in to talk to us.  She also listened to PJ and said his lungs sounded like they were moving air very clearly.  But she then said that RSV can compromise the lungs for 4 to 6 weeks after and PJ was in week 3.  She left to go talk to our surgeon.  The two of them decided to postpone the surgery.  They felt that although he sounded good now they felt the risk of complications was too high and they wanted to wait.

So we came home.  I left the hospital with a feeling of relief and sadness.  I was so scared of him having an infection after this surgery that I was relieved to take my baby home.  But I really wanted the outcome of the surgery so we’re back to more colostomy bags for a while.

While we were waiting for the valet to bring the car around PJ just sat and smiled.  David said he looked like his just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he got to keep the cookie.  I think he totally knows.  🙂  Sweet baby.


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