What a memorable Christmas our family has had this year!!!!  David and I were in bed by 11:30 last night (which is the earliest xmas eve in history), and the boys didn’t get us up until about 7:30 this morning.  Everyone was thrilled with their presents and sweet little Patrick was in awe.  We helped him open up his presents.

I think he liked playing with the wrapping paper much more than the actual presents!!!!

His favorite present of the day though had to be Elmo.  PJ got a singing Elmo that plays the tamborine and the drums.  It kept him so engaged that he ended up practicing his sitting skills on and off all day while playing with Elmo.  The cutest part was when Elmo would start to sing his whole body would shake as if he was trying to dance.  The more he watched Elmo though, the more curious he became.  He started to put his hand in Elmo’s mouth while Elmo sang and then decided to chew on Elmo’s nose.

So much excitement though tired out our little man and he fell right asleep on my chest for a short nap this afternoon.  This was the best view I had all day!!!

This evening I was holding Patrick before he fell asleep and reading Facebook at the same time.  A friend of mine posted a video of her niece singing “Mary Did you Know?”  PJ was mesmerized.  We watched the video over and over for half an hour.  The words to the song really got me thinking.  Did Mary know when she kissed her baby that she was kissing the face of God?  Did she know what great things her baby boy would do?  I’ve written before that I was told by my little sister that the Amish people believe babies with Down Syndrome are really angels sent to earth in human form.  A family is chosen by God to have one of these angels.  I know I’ve said before that I really like that idea but I think that now I really do believe it.  I look at my sweet baby and wonder if he walked with God in heaven.  I wonder if he could have been one of the angels in the sky announcing Jesus’ birth.  Amazingly enough, the next song we watched was “Angel”, also by my friends niece.  PJ loved that one too!!!  Any interested in watching her video, it is on youtube, her name is Madeline Spooner and I highly recommend watching it!!!  If I could figure out how to post a link to it on here I would.

This Christmas season has been a hectic one.  I haven’t taken the time to really reflect on all that Christmas means to me.  When I am able to be still and quiet and reflect on everything I have these great moments of clarity.  Moments when I sit back and think of all that God has entrusted to me.  Moments when I look upon my baby’s sleeping face and know he is here to do wonderful things.  I have already seen the huge changes he has inspired in people.  One of the lines in the song “Mary did you Know” is  “The child that you delivered will soon deliver you.”  Jesus delivers us all to God but I think all children deliver us in a sense.  Becoming a parent delivers you from living for yourself to living and focusing on someone else.

With that, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!



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