Patrick’s brothers and Emily’s Sisters

The day after Thanksgiving sweet little baby Emily came over with her big sisters to roll out, cut and decorate Christmas cookies with PJ’s big brothers.  It was a great way to ring in the holiday season.  Of course, Emily and PJ didn’t do much in the kitchen but the rest of the kids still had fun.  I think Caroline is going to be the baker in the family though because Lily and Ben got bored and went off to play.

While we were busy with frosting and sprinkles in the kitchen, our future prom dates enjoyed time with PJ’s grandma and Emily’s mom.  I think the favorite toy of the day was the peek a boo bear.  (Thanks Katie!!)


Emily even got some swinging action in the doorway!!!


All in all it was a great day and the makings of a new tradition for our families.  Both Emily’s family and ours have had to take a change in direction from what we planned, but we are still so grateful and feel so blessed.  An extra blessing came to Emily and her family just a few days ago.  She had a return visit to her cardiologist and is doing awesome!!!  She has no murmur and her heart is healthy!!! God is good.


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