Dae comes to town

So my mom has been nicknamed by my children as “Dae”.  No one quite knows for sure why.  It started when Alex was little and just took off through all of them.  So now Patrick gets to spend time with Dae.  And she makes that time with him so special.  She sits with him at the piano and plays him music.  We’ve noticed that while sitting at the piano he fixates on the wedding picture of Dave’s grandparents (maybe he remembers them from that place in heaven where babies are before they are born.)  🙂

These past few days have been really cool for sweet PJ.  We drove down to Becky’s house in Chicago on Sunday to pick up Dae.  But before returning home we got to spend some quality time with Becky, Tom and Kathleen.

We did a little shopping and walking around before heading back home.  Monday was spent just hanging out with Dae and the three of us did some shopping!!!  PJ loved the Christmas store, he especially like the angels.  (must be because he is one.)  We had to take Dae back down to Chicago on Tuesday so she could go home but we did get to see my cousin Katie, her little boy Mac, and my Aunt MaryEllen.  Katie went out and bought this adorable little teddy bear for PJ.  It’s holding a blankie and when you press the button on his foot he plays peek a boo.  PJ LOVES it!!!  He stares and laughs.  Thanks Aunt Katie!!!


All of this fun and excitement did little PJ in though.  He was up all night with a croup cough.  We went to the doctor today and he was given a shot of a steroid to help open him up some.  Because he has some low muscle tone he is unable to really clear his throat so he sounds like he is gagging.  We’re hoping for a better night tonight.


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