Latest procedure

Well, Patrick had his dialation under anesthesia procedure yesterday.  I was pretty nervous about it.  They put him under general anesthesia to use dialators and to size him correctly.  I took him to the hospital by myself as Dave couldn’t come this time.   This was an outpatient procedure but I was more nervous about it than I thought I would be.  Dr. Sato came in and sat down to talk to me before he took him back.  He was just asking questions about how PJ was doing.  I filled him in on the developmental testing that was done this week.  He nodded his head and smiled as if he totally expected PJ to do as well as he did. The anesthesiologist came in then and was surprised to learn that PJ has Down Syndrome.  He remarked how well his muscle tone was for a Down Syndrome child.  He told me that hypertonia was the one thing that was found in 100% of people with Down Syndrome.  I guess PJ must just be higher on that spectrum.

When they took him back to the do the procedure I started to tear up.  I walked into the family waiting room and got a diet coke from the machine.  Before it was even half gone, Dr. Sato came back to tell me that it was done and PJ did wonderfully!!!  He took me back to see him and he was screaming while a nurse held him.  As soon as she handed him over to me he stopped.  It warms my heart to know he is that attached to me.  I scooped him up in my arms and we went home.

Oh, for those of you who are also wondering how little Emily is doing…. I found out today that she is now sitting on her own!!!!  Another milestone hit on time!!!!  Way to go Emily!!!!  PJ needs a playdate soon!!!


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  1. Kerry Weber
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 22:01:10

    Oh shouldn’t have been alone..I would have come and stayed with you. 😦 I’m so glad he is doing so well! Pretty remarkable! Always praying for him..and you. You are very strong!! An inspiration. We all love you guys!!


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