Testing Testing and more Testing

Most days having a baby with Down Syndrome is like having any other baby.  He eats, sleeps, poops, plays, laughs and smiles.  Today was not one of those days.  Today we went down to Children’s Hospital for some developmental testing at the Neonatology clinic at Children’s Hospital.  Patrick has been seen by this Developmental Pediatrician once before.  The hospital basically follows all of the children who spent time in their NICU.  They like to make sure they are meeting their milestones and catch any problems early enough to intervene.  We went into and met with the doctor, a speech and language pathologist, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.  They evaluated him using the Bayley test.  This is basically an evaluation that is much more qualitative than quantitative.  They like to make sure that not only is he able to do different tasks but that he is doing them long enough and doing them correctly.  Well, PJ rocked those tests!!!!  He scored his age equivalent on just about everything!!!  The only test he scored lower on was the expressive speech test, not much of a surprise for one of my boys.  I was so proud!!!  The physical therapist noted how he didn’t have low tone and he didn’t have the real flexible joints that most children with Down Syndrome have.  She said this would mean he would be at the higher end of the scale physically.

When we left the clinic we went upstairs to the audiology department for a hearing test.  The audiologist determined that he has fluid in his left ear and his hearing was lower than normal in that ear because of it.  She referred us back to our pediatrician to determine whether or not he needed an antibiotic.  So then we left Children’s hospital and drove to the pediatrician.  He does not have an ear infection!!!Six hours after we left the house this morning we returned home.  The poor little guys was so tuckered out, but he was such a trooper!!!

Everything about Patrick amazes me.  I see him do and learn something new everyday. And everyday I love him more and more!!!


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