Music time!!!

We’ve known since Patrick was in the hospital that he loves music.  I would sit and sing to him for hours every day.  I always sang him one of three songs, the poor nurses probably were so happy to get us out of there.  Since he’s been home the sound of singing has calmed him whenever he starts to cry.  He can be the fussiest baby but as soon as you put him up on your shoulder and begin to sing in his ear he will stop crying and is immediately quiet.  The other day Tommy was holding him while I was folding laundry.  PJ was being fussy so Tommy began to sing.  I have to say that Tommy is definitely his mother’s son, he was singing Christmas Carols and PJ was soaking it up!!!

I’m not sure why I never thought to try other forms of music.  That’s what grandma’s are for I guess.  My parents are in town and they haven’t seen PJ in two months.  He warmed right up to them.  When he got fussy my mother walked him into the dining room where our piano is and began to play “Patrick’s song.”  It was so cute.  I know he was hungry and way overtired but he sat there mesmerized for over an hour while she plucked out songs for him.  At one point he was holding her finger and when she would stop playing he would move her hand to hear more music.

I went online to look for local baby music classes.  I found a kindermusic class that is geared towards babies with special needs.  It’s called Sing and Sign.  It would really be more therapy for him and I think he would love it.  The only problem is that it’s almost 40 miles away.  But then I started to think that I drive that far almost weekly to go to football games and basketball games, so why not this?  I’m registering us for this class tomorrow!!!!


Until it starts, PJ will just get to enjoy his family singing his Christmas songs and grandma playing the piano!!!!


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  1. joey
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 18:24:02

    And that would so be like dear Grandma Sue! Happy Birthday, dear PJ. (I played the piano with our dear little 10 month old Nick last eve … my dream for PJ and Nick to meet at Hubbard Lake 🙂


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