Post op

It’s ten o’clock at night and PJ is finally sleeping soundly.  The surgery went really well, although it took much longer than I anicipated.  I thought the surgery would take about an hour and a half but it was more like three long hours.  I was so relieved when the receptionist told us that Dr Sato had called and was finished and she walked us into a conference room to wait for him to go over the surgery with us.  We went into the room and sat down and waited.  And waited.  I looked at David and said, “Something’s wrong.”  I had terrible images running through my head.  Nothing was wrong though.  Dr Sato came in and said he was sorry but he was waiting for them to extubate PJ so he could tell us he was breathing on his own.  The surgery went well and we have what looks like a very good outcome.  He has been a bit uncomfortable tonight.  He not only was given an anus but he was also circumcised so his whole bottom area is hurting.  He was given an epidural shot of morphine to help with pain control and he is also taking Tylenol.  He can have more morhpine tonight around 1 and it looks as though he will need it.  But for now he is sleeping very soundly in a crib next to me.  So I will try to get some sleep too while I can.


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  1. joey
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 08:16:23

    Wonderful news, Lisa. Thank you for sharing. Continued prayers surround you all.


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