So, PJ is scheduled to go in for his surgery on Tuesday morning.  This surgery is the lesser of the two he has to endure.  At this point, they will be making an anus for him and pulling his colon through.  The next step is much more invasive as that is when they will take down his colostomy.  The surgeon told us that seventy percent of the children who go through this colostomy take down surgery come through with flying colors and have a full recovery.  But that means thirty percent have problems.  That seems like an awfully high number to me.  I made the mistake of joining a support group on Facebook for parents with children born with an imperforate anus.  I thought it might be informative.  But who do you think joins a support group?  It’s the parents of that thirty percent.  So I have just been reading horror story after horror story.  I look at my baby and I am so filled with fear for what could happen.  I know that it’s out of my hands and that I need to just give it to God, but I haven’t been able to do that quite yet.  David tells me that I shouldn’t read that page on Facebook anymore, but it’s like a bad movie that you can’t turn off.   You keep watching hoping that it gets better.  But it’s not getting better.  I can only hope and pray that PJ has a better outcome than some of these other children.

On a lighter note, I was driving through the neighborhood yesterday and drove by Emily’s house.  Kathleen was outside with Caroline sweeping and I saw that Kathleen’s mother was in town so I pulled in (unshowered and with no make up on, sorry Kathleen!)  Emily was wide awake and happy thoroughly enjoying her time with her grandma.  Kathleen told me that it was Emily’s 6 month birthday!!!!  I think that when Emily and PJ turn one that we need to throw a HUGE party for them and for us, we would have made it through one full year of all of the ups and downs.  (Mostly ups though.)


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  1. joey
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 23:43:51

    Rest knowing PJ is in wonderful hands, dear Lisa, and that the odds, especially knowing PJ’s awesome spirit so far, are in your family’s favor. Too much information is not always good. If we read the aspirin label and side effects, taking all to heart, no one would ever take one!

    Powerful prayers surround your family on PJ’s next journey this week. I know all will be well and anxious to hear of ‘good news’.

    Loving thoughts and continued prayers for your beautiful family …



  2. Denise Goedker
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 07:59:35

    Hey Lisa! I love reading your posts. You are so right… pray with your hands up! God IS in control of sweet little PJ. I know I will be praying for him to be of the 70%!! BTW, I’m thinking the Goedkers would love to come to that awesome birthday party, too! We love you all so much~


  3. Kathleen
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:09:58

    Hi ….saw some of your posts on the support group.Hope you don’t mind the snooping! I’m Kathleen, and have a 2 year old. I just wanted to tell you that my son had all 3 surgeries and has done GREAT with all of them! Not one problem!! I didn’t find the support group until after our surgeries were done. I think it would have had me very nervous too. The posts are very sad these days! Please don’t worry, everything will go fine. Feel free to ask me any questions! Your son is supper cute 🙂


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