Miracles Happen

In the past two weeks I have learned of two women who have been diagnosed with lymphoma.  They both have a long road and a huge fight ahead of them.  It seems that God has handed out a lot of hardships to people I know this year.  When you’re the one trying to keep your feet on the ground after terrible news you can feel alone.  You may be surrounded by people who love you and want to support you but you still feel alone.  My heart breaks for these women.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they are feeling.  I think of them and I just want to hold little PJ closer because he is such a testament to the miracle of life.

Somewhere out there there is a statistic that says that most women have miscarriages without even knowing about it.   There are statistics out there about the huge number of miscarriages that are related to Down Syndrome.  And of course there are the huge numbers of abortions because mothers find out about their baby extra chromosome.  So I look at Patrick and I just think, what a miracle.  Here is this baby who made it to his birth.  He was born strong and healthy.  When he had the infection after his surgery his doctor talked to me about him possible going septic or getting an embolism, but he didn’t.  He beat the odds and healed.  He came home.  He had so many prayers being said all over the world for him.  I still remember coming home late the night that we found out his wound had gotten infected and opened up.  It was a Saturday night and I was exhausted.  It took everything in me to leave him for yet another night in the hospital.  I came home and just wanted to cry.  When I walked into the kitchen there was a package on the counter for me that my girlfriend had sent from England.  She had been traveling through France and had stopped at Liseux where St Therese of the Little Flower is from.  She lit a candle for Patrick and send me a photo of St Therese’s face.  I brought the photo and a prayer card and taped it up above PJ’s crib. He came home a week later.

An amazing thing happened again this week.  On Wednesday I was changing his diaper.  Although he doesn’t have an anus, I always wipe his bottom  anyways.  When I went to do this I noticed a drop of something on him.  I went to wipe it away and it was poop!!!  I figured it must have just leaked out of his colostomy bag or something.  But after I wiped him I saw it, my baby’s body has created a hole where there was none.  Now, I’m not saying that he now has an anus, but that is what this hole looks like.  I was at the Y and called over two other women to look to make sure.  They both saw what I saw.  I got home and called his surgeon.  After talking to two nurses and receiving a phone call from the surgical fellow, I was told that this wasn’t 911 situation and that this can sometimes happen, although usually only after birth.  They didn’t want me to bring him in unless he started to show signs of infection.  So, for now we will see the surgical team on October 11 which is when the surgery to create his anus was scheduled.  When we told my brother in law that evening (he is g. i. doc) his first reaction was “That’s excellent!”  I’m still trying to temper my hopes but my fear for now is gone.  A cool thing about all of this, my girlfriend told me that today is the Feast Day of St Therese.  Miracles do happen.  I’m thinking I might need to send her picture and prayer card on to someone else who needs a miracle.


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  1. Kathleen Guerra
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 16:00:32

    I’m amazed at little Patrick’s resilience and his mother’s ability to capture these moments so beautifully in writing. When did you become such a terrific writer, Lisa? Hugs to you, Dave and all the boys!


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