I am constantly  reminded how blessed I am.  My good friend from Michigan called me this weekend to tell me about her friend’s baby who has Adrenal Carcinoma.  She is one year old and gets to spend the better part of the next year at St Judes Research Hospital getting treatment.  It brought back memories of a mom I know from our old church.  I met her after having Joey.  She was sitting behind us in mass and introduced herself to me afterwards.  She made a remark about us having 3 boys and when I asked her about her children she told me she had 7!!!  She had a set of twins who were in Alex’s preschool class.  I hadn’t met one of the twins yet because he had missed so much school due to Leukemia.  (That was 9 years ago and he is well now.)  My heart breaks for these moms who have to watch their children suffer through pain and chemo treatments.

When you are delivered bad news it can be hard to look beyond yourself.  I know two women back in Michigan who lost their children.  One is a girl I knew from  high school who had twin boys.  One of the boys had a tumor in his brain and died.  The other mom also had twins and her son was hit by a snowmobile and he was killed instantly.  I think about all of these moms and I feel grateful and blessed.  The hardships I have faced are not tragedies.  My hardships are just a part of life.  When I have a bad day I need to remind myself that there always someone whose day is much much worse.  All of my children are blessings.  I’m so lucky God chose me to be their mom.

My five boys along with two of their cousins!


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