God was Preparing me

Yesterday, Patrick had his first speech therapy appointment.  It was really an evaluation to determine if he needed it or not.  I know most people are wondering why would we worry about speech therapy for a 3 and a half month old baby.  Well, it’s not really speech but oral motor therapy.  I had requested it because he has been gagging a lot lately and he makes this smacking sound when he nurses.  I’m glad she came over because I learned there are different techniques that we can do now to help prevent the tongue thrust that so many people with DS have.

When his therapist, Cindy, was talking with me, she was explaining the different types of speech delays and I started to laugh.  Out of my five boys, Tommy is the only one who hasn’t gone through speech, or for that matter, the birth to three program.  He was talking in complete sentences at 17 months.  But all of my other boys have had huge speech issues.  I think I have learned more about special education, what’s available, and what the laws are because of my boys than I ever did while teaching.  It’s completely different sitting at an IEP meeting talking about a student as a teacher than it is when you are the parent of that child.  I remember going to IEP’s for Joey back in Michigan and breaking into tears.  It’s hard to sit around a table with a bunch of other people and have them all tell you how far behind your child is and what he can’t do that he should be able to do.  I went into all of those meetings knowing what I was going to hear but still cried when I heard it.

When Dave and I discussed having a fifth child, Down Syndrome was the biggest worry we had.  But I just kept telling him that God wouldn’t do that to us.  He already gave us Joey and I don’t think that God would then give us a child who could be even more challenging.  I truly believed that.  Now I realize that God gave us Joey to help us learn and prepare for Patrick.  Back when Alex was diagnosed with a three pronged speech delay, I had to educate myself pretty quickly.  I feel ready.  I know there is more for me to learn, but at least I know now where to find the answers to my questions.

I was volunteering all day today at Joey’s school for registration.  I brought PJ with me.  This afternoon both the early childhood teacher and the special education teacher walked in.  I know them both really well from Joey and Ben so they both know PJ’s story.  If PJ is really lucky, he will get to learn from both of these two wonderful women.

Oh and by the way, Joey is doing awesome!!!!  He is reading very well and is a whiz at math!!!


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  1. Elaine Kocab Novosel
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 09:57:41


    You’re a wonderful Mom who seeks out help rather than just feel bad. Your boys are blessed with you and David for parents. It’s so true that the more love you give the more love you are able to give. Isn’t God amazing in how He designed us?

    I am one very proud Grandma.



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