Where is God

Where is God?  That is what our priest asked us today during his homily at mass.  Where is God in your lives?  Can you see him in the things you do everyday?  I was listening to him and I looked down the pew at my boys.  Then I looked right into PJ’s eyes.  I know where God is.  I can see Him every time I look at my children.  I can see Him with each smile that PJ gives me.  When PJ was born and I was spending 12 to 13 hours a day in the hospital with him, I came home one evening to see my little sister Becky.  She had driven up to see the boys and to offer any help she could give us.  We sat and she told me that she read that the Amish people viewed children with Down Syndrome as angels sent to earth.  She then told me that the parents of those children are viewed as being chosen and therefore blessed.  It warmed my heart to hear these words and I found myself truly believing in them.  I believe that my little Patrick is an angel sent to David and me and our boys.  Our family has been chosen by God for this little miracle and I feel so grateful that God saw fit to allow me to be PJ’s mother.  One of the things that PJ seems to love the most is going outside.  The other day I watched him just stare up into the sky at a cloud.  I couldn’t help but wonder what he could see that I couldn’t.

On another note, at the end of mass today, two adorable little girls came up to see PJ.  One of the girls asked to see my baby.  She said she saw me walking up to communion with him and wanted to see him.  I brought him down to her level and she asked me his name.  I told her his name was Patrick and that he was 3 months old.  I then stupidly told her he had Down Syndrome and needed lots of prayers.  I don’t know what possessed me to tell this little girl that.  She pulled back quickly and I think my words scared her.  She was about 8.  I guess this goes back to my last post about “Do they Know” and should I tell.  I wish I hadn’t said anything to her.  She saw my baby as a cute little baby and nothing else, and then I ruined it by opening my mouth.


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