Tommy is my second oldest son.  He is sweet, kind and loving.  He always jumps up to help out; especially when asked to help with PJ.  He could be in the middle of his favorite video game and if I call him to come upstairs and help with PJ he drops the controller and runs to help happily.  He loves to lie down on the floor with PJ and help him with his physical therapy exercises.  Tommy doesn’t just hold PJ or try to get him to stop crying.  He actively plays and entertains him.  We went to Michigan this past weekend and our car drive home was horrible.  I needed Tommy to sit next to PJ because he actually gets in his face and sings, talks and plays with him to keep him happy.  He reminds me a lot of me when I was young.  He truly loves Patrick and just wants to interact with him at all times.
Apart from being a great brother to Patrick, Tommy is just a really great kid.  He is one of those kids who is naturally smart and doesn’t need to work very hard at school.  He is very friendly and although he has many friends, he still doesn’t have that one “best” friend that he wants.  He gets along with just about everybody (except his brother Joey.)  He still loves to hang out with his mom.  He hears me say I’m going to the store and he asks to come with me.  He loves football and his loves University of Michigan.  We have the Michigan vs Michigan State feud in our house.  Tommy was very happy when Aunt MaryEllen and Uncle Dick sent a U of M onesie for PJ. 


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