Well, the trip home from Michigan wasn’t as easy as the one to get there.  It took almost 11 hours.  Poor little guy cried for the better part of the first three hours.  Every time he fell asleep his big brother  Ben would find some way to wake him up.  Ben’s favorite seemed to be to take my old cell phone and play ring tones in PJ’s ear.  We were so happy to finally  make it home.  Not sure when I will be brave enough to do that drive again without my husband!!!

Patrick had PT this week and he was a trooper.  She worked him so hard he literally fell asleep right in the middle of the family room floor.  This was surprising to me since he only falls asleep while you hold him or he is nursing.  Of course, as soon as his therapist, Andrea, left, he woke right back up.  We are working on our core muscles and rolling from the back to the front.

On another note, every time PJ cries, it seems like he is saying mama!!  Love it!


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